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The battle of Atlanta

(8/20/2004) [3344'55sN, 8423'18sW]

Transfer of command

(8/20/2004) [3344'55sN, 8423'18sW]

The siege of Atlanta

(8/20/2004) [3344'55sN, 8423'18sW]

The evacuation of Atlanta

(8/20/2004) [3344'55sN, 8423'18sW]

20th A.C., Pace's Fy. Rd. GHM 060-27

Arden Road at West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta

(1/26/05) [3350.651N, 8423.798W]

23d A.C. to Decatur GHM 060-10

Mt Vernon Highway at Long Island Dr, Sandy Springs

(12/22/2004) [3355.204N, 8423.608W]

4th & 23d A.C. Advance GHM 060-15

Old Powers Ferry Rd and Mt Vernon Highway, Sandy Springs

(8/17/04) [3354.329N, 8425.000W]

4th A.C. at Buckhead GHM 060-19

East Paces Ferry at Grandview Drive, Atlanta

(1/26/05) [3350.345N, 8422.571W]

Baker's Brigade GHM 060-101

Waverly Way, north end of Springvale Park, Atlanta

(2/7/05) [3345.524N, 8421.494W]

Battle at Moore's Mill GHM 060-65

Moores Mill Road east of Peachtree Creek, Atlanta

(1/7/05) [334934sN, 842635sW]

Battle Hill, Site of Ezra Church

Mozley Park, Martin Luther King Drive, Atlanta

(1/6/05) [3345.10sN, 8426.21sW]

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Battle of Ezra Church Gen. J. C. Brown's Div. GHM 060-149B

Waterbury Dr at Battle Hill Haven near Anderson Ave, Atlanta

(1/6/05) [3345.303N, 8426.858W]

Battle of Ezra Church Right of 15th Corps GHM 060-151

Anderson Avenue at MARTA station, Atlanta

(1/6/05) [334510sN, 842645sW] [could not find] This picture is from another WEB site.

Battle of Ezra Church-Gen. Stewart Wounded GHM 060-146

Martin Luther King Drive at Gordon Terrace, Atlanta

(1/6/05) [3345.041N, 8426.565W]

Battle of Ezra Church-Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps GHM 060-148

Martin Luther King Drive west of Helena Street (I-20 exit), Atlanta

(1/7/05) [3345'00sN, 8426'56sW]

Battlefield of Peachtree Creek GHM 060-31

Palisades Road near Peachtree Road, Atlanta

(12/22/04) [3348.280N, 8423.604W]





































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