North Carolina Markers

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Sherman's March H-28

US 301 S. of Dunn at Long Branch Rd

Text Box: Page updated on September 7, 2005

(9/3/05) [351637sN, 783743sW]

Sherman's March H-74

US 301/NC 96 (3rd St) at Brogden Rd., Smithfield

(9/3/05) [353000sN, 782103sW]

Sherman Receives News of Lee's Surrender

Market and 2nd St. at the Court House, Smithfield

(9/3/05) [353042sN, 782050sW]

Stoneman's Raid L-29

Main St. (US 70) between Liberty and Kerr, Salisbury

(8/27/05) [354011sN, 802801sW]

U.S.S. Monitor B-50

NC 12 N. of Buxton

(8/31/05) [351557sN, 753114sW]

The Fanny

NC 12 S. of Salvo

(9/3/05) [353201sN, 752832sW]

Battle of Roanoke Island BB-4

NC 345 S. of US 64/264 in Manteo

(8/30/05) [355320sN, 753937sW]

Confederate Forts B-38

Fort Hatters and Fort Clark, 2 miles S.W. fell to Union troops on Aug.29, 1861, after two days of heavy naval bombardment. Marker blown away by hurricane. NC 12 at Hatteras ferry landing

(8/30/05) [351227sN, 754208sW]













































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