Main Gate

202 Government Avenue

[353941sN, 802828sW]

Main Gate
The Pennsylvania Monument was erected in 1909, and stands 40 feet high on a granite base that is 20 feet by 20 feet. In June 1908, the state of Maine erected a 25-foot high granite monument topped by a soldier, to commemorate its soldiers who perished here.
The Federal Monument to the Unknown Dead is a granite obelisk that was commissioned by Congress in 1873.The monument, measuring 50 feet tall with a base of 18 feet, was built to honor the unknown soldiers who died in the Salisbury Confederate Prison. Inscription on Federal Monument
Markers in foreground, mass graves in background. From the number of bodies exhumed from a given space it was estimated that the number buried in these trenches was 11,700. Markers of known

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