Text Box: De Kalb County (044)

4th A.C. at Durand's Mill GHM 044-28 Briarcliff Rd at Old Briarcliff Rd (6/30/05) [33°47’51sN, 84°20’06sW]
An Unexpected Clash GHM 044-49 Clifton St at Memorial Drive, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.852N, 84°19.901W]
Bate's Battle Line GHM 044-47 Memorial Drive at Wilkinson Drive, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.836N, 84°19.643W]
Bate's Div. at Terry's Mill Pond GHM 044-53 Glenwood Ave at I-20 Interchange (2/7/05) [33°44.381N, 84°19.639W]
Battle of Atlanta Began Here GHM 044-46 Memorial Drive at Clay Street, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.857N, 84°19.832W]
Browning's Court House GHM 044-14 LaVista Road at Fellowship Road, Tucker (11/18/05) [33°51’17sN, 84°13’01sW]
Cleburne Outflanked Left Wing, 17th A.C. GHM 044-64 Haas Avenue north of Glenwood Ave, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.434N, 84°20.660W]
Cleburne's & Maney's Divs. GHM 044-62 Flat Shoals at Ormewood Ave (S of Glenwood), East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.029N, 84°20.416W]
Cleburne's Div. in the Federal Rear GHM 044-65 Patterson and Metropolitan Aves, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.542N, 84°20.579W]
Closing the Gap GHM 044-29 Briarcliff Road at University Drive (6/30/05) [33°47’24sN, 84°20’19sW]
Cox's Div. & Dodge's 16th A.C. Make Contact GHM 044-6 Johnson Ferry Road at Nancy Creek Bridge (2/25/05) [33°53.807N, 84°20.663W]
CSA General W. H. T. Walker Monument Glenwood Ave at Wilkinson Dr (at I-20 Interchange) (2/7/05) [33°44.395N, 84°19.621W]
Death of Gen. Walker GHM 044-51 Glenwood Ave at Wilkinson Dr (at I-20 Interchange) (2/7/05) [33°44.395N, 84°19.621W] Marker missing.
Death of McPherson GHM 044-45 At McPherson Monument, McPherson and Monument Aves, East Atl (2/7/05) [33°44.642N, 84°20.520W]
Dodge's & Blair's Columns Separate GHM 044-19 Briarcliff Rd at Shallowford Rd (6/30/05) [33°51’18sN, 84°16’52sW]
Dr. Chapmon Powell's "Medicine House" and W. J. Houston Plantation Clairemont Rd. S of N. Decatur Rd. NE
(03/24/06) [33.7883N, 84.307W]
Durand's Mill GHM 044-27 Old Briarcliff Rd between Briarcliff and Clifton Roads (6/30/05) [33°48’12sN, 84°20’08sW]
Federal Left Wing to Decatur GHM 044-22 Lawrenceville Hwy (US 29) at Montreal Road (11/18/05) [33°49’34sN, 84°15’20sW]
Fuller's Div. 16th A.C. GHM 044-69 East Side Ave just south of McPherson Ave, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.637N, 84°20.395W] Marker is missing.
Garrard & Lightburn to Stone Mountain GHM 044-15 Fellowship Rd just S of Lawrenceville Hwy (US 29), Tucker (11/18/05) [33°50’59sN, 84°13’05sW]
Garrard's Cavalry Raid GHM 044-82 Old Courthouse, Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77475N, 84.29596W]
Garrard's Cavalry at Buchanan's GHM 044-4 Buford Highway at English Oak Dr, at Gwinnett County line (3/14/06) [33.91696N, 84.25900W]
Garrard's Cavalry at Stone Mtn. Depot GHM 044-16 Memorial Drive at Silver Hill Rd at cemetery in Stone Mtn.  (3/13/05) [33°48.718N, 84°10.253W]
Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps GHM 044-60 Moreland Ave (US 23) at bridge over South River (8/11/05) [34°40’47sN, 84°20’44sW]
Gresham's Division GHM 044-43 Memorial Drive near East Side Dr, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.860N, 84°20.414W]
Hardee at Road Fork GHM 044-56 Bouldercrest Dr at Fayetteville Rd (8/18/05) [33°43’09sN, 84°19’48sW]
Hardee at Wm. Cobb's House GHM 044-57 1510 Key Road at Intrenchment Creek Water Plant (8/18/05) [33°42’06sN, 84°19’56sW]
Hardee's March Turned N.E. on Fayetteville Road GHM 044-59 Fayetteville Rd at Fleetwood Dr, near Moreland Ave (8/18/05) [33°41’15sN, 84°20’49sW]
Historic Decatur Cemetery Inside front gate, Old City Cemetery, Commerce Dr. East of Church St.
Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77793N, 84.29177W]
Historic Ground At WAGA Studio, Briarcliff Rd south of Old Briarcliff Rd (6/30/05) [33°47’45sN, 84°20’06sW]
Historic Ground-1864 GHM 044-68 At McPherson Monument, McPherson and Monument Aves, East Atl (2/7/05) [33°44.645N, 84°20.480W]
Leggett's Hill GHM 044-67 Moreland Avenue at I-20 overpass (2/7/05) [33°44.701N, 84°20.961W]
Logan's & Blair's Camp Nancy's Creek GHM 044-3 N. Shallowford Rd just north of I-285 Frontage Road (8/18/05) [33°55’16sN, 84°18’19sW]
Logan's 15th & Blair's 17th A.C. to Decatur GHM 044-20 Briarcliff and Henderson Mill Roads (7/23/05) [33°50’58sN, 84°15’27sW]
Logan's 15th A.C. Line GHM 044-40 DeKalb Avenue between Candler and Ferguson Streets (8/11/05) [34°45’40sN, 84°20’42sW]
Logan's 15th Corps & Garrard's Cavalry GHM 044-9 Chamblee-Tucker Rd just west of Pleasantdale Road (3/14/06) [33.88101N, 84.21996W]
Logan's Corps Moves To Henderson's Mill GHM 044-17 LaVista Rd at Midville Rd, west of Tucker (11/18/05) [33°51’11sN, 84°13’43sW]
Maney's Div. in the Battle of Atlanta GHM 044-63 Pendleton St in Brownwood Park (03/24/06) [33.73673N, 84.34706W]
Mary Gay House GHM 044-89 716 West Trinity Place, Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77279N, 84.30450W]
McPherson Monument, McPherson and Monument Aves, East Atl (2/7/05) [33°44.645N, 84°20.480W]
McPherson's Divergent Line of March GHM 044-2 Chamblee-Dunwoody at Nandina Lane, Dunwoody (1/31/05) [33°56.812N, 84°20.110W]
McPherson's Last Ride GHM 044-44 Memorial Drive near East Side Ave, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.860N, 84°20.414W]
Mersy's Brigade GHM 044-50 Memorial Drive at Dixie Street, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.873N, 84°20.147W]
Noon Under the Trees GHM 044-39 DeKalb Avenue at Whitefoord Avenue (8/11/05) [33°45’43sN, 84°20’30sW]
Old Cross Keys GHM 044-7 Johnson Ferry Rd at Ashford-Dunwoody Dr (2/25/05) [33°53.527N, 84°19.547W]
Restoring the Line GHM 044-41 DeKalb Avenue at Elmira Place (8/11/05) [33°45’40sN, 84°20’48sW]
Rice's Brigade GHM 044-48 Memorial Drive near Clay St, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°44.840N, 84°19.741W]
Site, Cobb's Mill GHM 044-58 1510 Key Rd at Entrenchment Creek Water Plant (8/18/05) [33°42’06sN, 84°19’56sW]
Site: Henderson's Mill GHM 044-18 Henderson Mill Rd between Briarcliff & Midvale Rds, S of crk (3/14/06) [33.86005N, 84.25215W]
Site: J. Oliver Powell House - Sherman's Headquarters GHM 044-24 1484 Clairmont Road (11/18/05) [33°47’47sN, 84°18’21sW]
Solomon Goodwin's Residence GHM 044-12 Peachtree Rd SW of North Druid Hills Rd intersection (3/14/06) [33.85780N, 84.34225W]
Stanley & Wood March to Durand's Mill GHM 044-26 Briarcliff Rd south of LaVista Road (6/30/05) [33°48’53sN, 84°20’04sW]
Sweeny's Div. Encamped GHM 044-37 1500 block of McLendon Ave, in Candler Park (8/18/05) [33°45’54sN, 84°20’17sW]
Sweeny's March South GHM 044-38 Clay Street south of Boulevard Drive, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°45.188N, 84°19.814W]
Terry's Mill Pond GHM 044-52 Glenwood Avenue just east of I-20 interchange (2/7/05) [33°44.382N, 84°19.616W]
The 16th & 23rd Corps March to Decatur GHM 044-23 Just east of Clairmont and N. Druid Hills Road intersection (8/18/05) [33°48’46sN, 84°18’26sW]
The Gutzon Borglum House Avondale Estates GHM 044-90 Just off US 278 & Avondale Road  on Berkeley Rd. in Avondale Estates (3/15/06) [33.77553N, 84.26600W]
The March to Decatur GHM 044-21 Briarcliff and Henderson Mill Roads (7/23/05) [33°50’58sN, 84°15’27sW]
The March to the Sea GHM 044-87 N. Stone Mountain Lithonia Road at Rockbridge Road (3/15/06) [33.78730N, 84.16317W]
The March to the Sea GHM 044-85 US 278 at Panola Rd, at Belmont (3/15/06) [33.72281N, 84.16649W]
The March to the Sea GHM 044-86 Norris Lake Rd at Norris Lake Dr (at Norris Lake) South of GA 124 (Centerville Hwy.)(3/15/06) [33.76035N, 84.047397W]
The Rainey Plantation GHM 044-8 Shallowford Road at Carroll Avenue (8/18/05) [33°53’07sN, 84°17’05sW]
The Samuel House Plantation GHM 044-10 Peachtree Rd at Ashford Dunwoody Rd (3/14/06) [33.87568N, 84.32761W]
The Stoneman Raid GHM 044-83 Old Courthouse, Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77475N, 84.29596W]
The Swanton House GHM 044-30 716 West Trinity Place, Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77264N, 84.30482W]
Unknown Confederate Dead GHM 044-42A Cemetery at Memorial Drive at Silver Hill Rd, Stone Mountain (3/13/05) [33°48.713N, 84°10.270W]
Walker & Bate at Sugar Cr. GHM 044-55 Fayetteville Rd just north of Pine Trail at Sugar Creek (8/18/05) [33°43’41sN, 84°19’13sW]
Walker's Division in Sugar Creek Valley GHM 044-54A Glenwood Ave just west of I-20 interchange (2/10/05) [33°44.852N, 84°19.901W] Marker is missing. School has been built near this location.
Wheeler Delays Blair GHM 044-42B Boulevard Drive (Hosea L. Williams Dr.) east of Clay St, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [33°45.192N, 84°19.813W]
Wheeler's Cav. Intrenched GHM 044-66 Moreland Ave at I-20 overpass (2/7/05) [33°44.701N, 84°20.961W]
Wheeler's Cav. at Decatur GHM 044-31 Old Courthouse, Decatur (03/24/06) [33.77536N, 84.29646W]
Wm. Johnston's Mill GHM 044-13 Briarwood Rd SE of Buford Hwy at North Fork, Peachtree Creek (3/14/06) [33.84232N, 84.32211W]

Missing or Removed Markers
Dodge's 16th A.C. Camp On Nancy's Creek GHM 044-5 Ashford-Dunwoody Rd at Nancy Creek, at Marist School (2/25/05)The area was under construction and the marker is missing.
xStone Mountain WPA 78 J-3 At or near Stone Mountain, US 78
Site: Judge James Paden House: Gen. J. D. Cox's H'GHM 044-25 North Decatur Rd at Clifton Rd (8/18/05) Emory University occupies this location.  The marker is missing.
Stewart's & Lee's A.C. March to Lovejoy's Station GHM 044-61 Moreland Ave (US 23) just south of junction with GA 160 (8/11/05) The marker is missing. Revisited on 3/24/06. It should be at Moreland Ave. and Thurman Dr.
Site: Blake's Mill GHM 044-11 Shallowford Rd just southeast of I-85 interchange (8/18/05) A shopping center has been built on this site. The marker is missing. (1977 source gives location as Old Shallowford Rd. where it crosses  the North Branch of Peachtree Creek)

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