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Hardee's March Turned N.E. on Fayetteville Road GHM 044-59 Fayetteville Rd at Fleetwood Dr, near Moreland Ave

(8/18/05) [33?41?15sN, 84?20?49sW]

Walker & Bate at Sugar Cr. GHM 044-55 Fayetteville Rd just north of Pine Trail at Sugar Creek

(8/18/05) [33?43?41sN, 84?19?13sW]

The 16th & 23rd Corps March to Decatur GHM 044-23 Just east of Clairmont and N. Druid Hills Road intersection

(8/18/05) [33?48?46sN, 84?18?26sW]

Logan's & Blair's Camp Nancy's Creek GHM 044-3 N. Shallowford Rd just north of I-285 Frontage Road

(8/18/05) [33?55?16sN, 84?18?19sW]

The Rainey Plantation GHM 044-8 Shallowford Road at Carroll Avenue

(8/18/05) [33?53?07sN, 84?17?05sW]

Site: Blake's Mill GHM 044-11

Shallowford Rd just southeast of I-85 interchange

(8/18/05) A shopping center has been built on this site. The marker is missing. (1977 source gives location as Old Shallowford Rd. where it crosses the North Branch of Peachtree Creek)

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Site: Judge James Paden House: Gen. J. D. Cox's H'dq'rs GHM 044-25

North Decatur Rd at Clifton Rd

(8/18/05) Emory University occupies this location. The marker is missing.

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Stewart's & Lee's A.C. March to Lovejoy's Station GHM 044-61

Moreland Ave (US 23) just south of junction with GA 160

(8/11/05) The marker is missing. Revisited on 3/24/06. It should be at Moreland Ave. and Thurman Dr.

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