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Leggett's Hill GHM 044-67 Moreland Avenue at I-20 overpass

(2/7/05) [3344.701N, 8420.961W]

McPherson Monument, McPherson and Monument Aves, East Atl

(2/7/05) [3344.645N, 8420.480W]

McPherson's Divergent Line of March GHM 044-2 Chamblee-Dunwoody at Nandina Lane, Dunwoody

(1/31/05) [3356.812N, 8420.110W]

McPherson's Last Ride GHM 044-44 Memorial Drive near East Side Ave,

East Atlanta

(2/10/05) [3344.860N, 8420.414W]

Mersy's Brigade GHM 044-50

Memorial Drive at Dixie Street,

East Atlanta

(2/10/05) [3344.873N, 8420.147W]

Old Cross Keys GHM 044-7

Johnson Ferry Rd at Ashford-Dunwoody Dr

(2/25/05) [3353.527N, 8419.547W]

Rice's Brigade GHM 044-48 Memorial Drive near Clay St, East Atlanta

(2/10/05) [3344.840N, 8419.741W]

Sweeny's March South GHM 044-38 Clay Street south of Boulevard Drive,

East Atlanta

(2/10/05) [3345.188N, 8419.814W]

Terry's Mill Pond GHM 044-52 Glenwood Avenue just east of I-20 interchange

(2/7/05) [3344.382N, 8419.616W]

Unknown Confederate Dead

GHM 044-42A Cemetery at Memorial Drive at Silver Hill Rd, Stone Mountain

(3/13/05) [3348.713N, 8410.270W]

Wheeler Delays Blair GHM 044-42B Boulevard Drive east of Clay St,

East Atlanta

(2/10/05) [3345.192N, 8419.813W]

Wheeler's Cav. Intrenched GHM 044-66 Moreland Ave at I-20 overpass

(2/7/05) [3344.701N, 8420.961W]

Walker's Division in Sugar Creek Valley GHM 044-54A Glenwood Ave just west of I-20 interchange

(2/10/05) [3344.852N, 8419.901W]

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