Battle of Jonesboro The Second Day

GHM 031-24 Ga 54 just north of

Warren House, Jonesboro

(4/27/05) [33°32’02sN, 84°21’09sW]

Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps GHM 031-9

Ga 54 at Battle Creek Road,

north of Jonesboro

(4/27/05) [33°33’55sN, 84°20’38sW]

Hardee's Corps at Jonesboro GHM 031-25 East side of Ga 54, east of

Warren house, Jonesboro

(4/27/05) [33°31’58sN, 84°21’12sW]

The Warren House GHM 031-3

Ga 54 at Mimosa Dr, northwest Jonesboro (4/27/05) [33°31’58sN, 84°21’12sW]

Stately Oaks Plantation - Jonesboro (4/27/05) [33°30’54sN, 84°21’02sW]

Two Days of Battle At Jonesboro GHM 031-11 Confederate Cemetery east of Ga 54 in (north) Jonesboro (4/27/05) [33°31’49sN, 84°21’13sW]

The March to the Sea GHM 031-20

North side of Ga 54 at I-75

Interchange (at hotel), Morrow

(4/27/05) [33°34’30sN, 84°20’30sW]

Site of McPeak House GHM 031-23

Ga 54, 1/4 mile south of Battle Creek Rd, NE of Jonesboro

(4/27/05) [33°33’00sN, 84°20’54sW]

Jonesboro Confederate Cemetery east of Ga 54 in (north) Jonesboro

(4/27/05) [33°31’49sN, 84°21’13sW]

A great country, this time the United States of America, was torn by tragic civil war. Brother fought against brother, and father fought against son. This young but strong country seemed doomed to complete disintegration.

Out of this disunity, a young Confederate soldier named Harry St. John Dixon assembled a small band of dedicated Sigma Chi’s in a little

log cabin outside Atlanta on September 17, 1864, to conduct an initiation.


Sigma Chi Constantine Memorial

Atlanta, Georgia

South, along Highway 19 & 41

Pledged to high ideals, these men were ready to fulfill them, even when death seemed imminent. From their meeting sprang new hope

for reunifying their fraternity—North and South.

Sigma Chi sought unity, even during intense division. And it would survive the Civil War through Dixon’s acts and his inspiration.

The words “In Hoc Signo Vinces” bridged the Mason-Dixon line, and Sigma Chi was united again.


The Emperor Constantine and Harry St. John Dixon, two warriors centuries apart, were joined by the White Cross in the spirit of brotherhood


Near the site of the Constantine Chapter meeting place is a beautiful marble Memorial Monument in the shape of a Sigma Chi badge.

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Clayton County

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Jonesboro Confederate Cemetery Marker east of Ga 54 in (north) Jonesboro (4/27/05) [33°31’47sN, 84°21’16sW]

Cavalry Action At Lovejoy's Station GHM 031-22 US 41 at Hastings

(11/13/05) [33°26’56sN, 84°19’29sW]

Sigma Chi Marker US 41 at Hastings

(11/13/05) [33°27’15sN, 84°19’40sW]

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