Surrender of Atlanta September 2, 1864 GHM 060-126 Northside Dr and

Marietta St, Atlanta

(3/30/05) [33°46.576N, 84°24.432W]

Atlanta Campaign

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Historic Utoy Church GHM 060-192 Cahaba Dr at cemetery just off

Venetian Dr, Atlanta

(3/30/05) [33°42.939N, 84°26.981W]

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Cheatham Hill GHM 033-55 Ga 120 at Cheatham Hill Dr

(2/17/05) [33°56.729N, 84°35.785W]

Kennesaw Battlefield GHM 033-52 Park on Burnt Hickory Rd opposite

Old Mountain Rd

(2/17/05) [33°57.801N, 84°35.636W]

Pigeon Hill NPS Trail off Burnt Hickory Rd at Old Mountain Rd

(2/17/05) [33°57.801N, 84°35.636W]

The Federal Army at Kingston

GHM 008-33 Ga 293 at

Halls Station Road, Kingston

(3/18/05) [34°14.311N, 84°57.150W]

Battle of New Hope Church GHM 110-28B Ga 381 at New Hope Church, New Hope  (4/12/05) [33°57'27.7sN, 84°47’24.6sW]

Snake Creek Gap GHM 064-8 Ga 136, 7 miles west of I-75, just north of junction of Ga. 136 and Ga. 136C

(1/17/05) [34°36.32N, 85°02.46W]

Town of Cassville GHM 008-17

Old square in Cassville

(3/11/05) [34°14.934N, 84°51.149W]

Where Hood Watched the Battle of Atlanta GHM 060-109

North part of Oakland Cemetery

(8/20/2004) [33°44.981N, 84°22.377W]