Atlanta Campaign

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Page updated on September 16, 2010

Federal Armies at Adairsville GHM 008-28 US 41 at Eastside cemetery in Adairsville

(3/18/05) [3422.013N, 8455.566W]

The battle of Atlanta


Battle of Atlanta Began Here GHM 044-46 Memorial Drive at Clay Street, East Atlanta (2/10/05) [3344.857N, 8419.832W]

Battle of Ezra Church Gen. J. C. Brown's Div. GHM 060-149B Waterbury Dr at

Battle Hill Haven near Anderson Ave, Atlanta

(1/6/05) [3345.303N, 8426.858W]

Battle of Peachtree Creek Collier Rd. at Overbrook Dr. in park.

(12/22/04) [3348.636N, 8424.183W]

Battle at Moore's Mill GHM 060-65

Moores Mill Road east of Peachtree Creek, Atlanta


Battle of Resaca GHM 064-13 GA 136 at Fain Brown Rd, west of I-75

(1/17/05) [3434.480N, 8557.67W]

Big Shanty GHM 033-40

Ga 293 (Old US 41) in Kennesaw

(2/26/05) [3401.428N, 8436.913W]

The General At the Museum on

Cherokee St (off Ga 293 (Old US 41)) in Kennesaw

(2/26/05) [3401.428N, 8436.913W]

Confederate Army Command Changed

GHM 060-3 Mead Paper Co,

950 West Marietta, Atlanta

(3/30/05) [3347.012N, 8425.090W]

Dallas-New Hope Line GHM 110-29

Ga 381 and Ga 6 Bus in Dallas

(4/12/05) [3355'32.1sN, 845004.2sW]

CSA General W. H. T. Walker Monument Glenwood Ave at Wilkinson Dr

(at I-20 Interchange)

(2/7/05) [3344.395N, 8419.621W]

Death of McPherson GHM 044-45 At McPherson Monument, McPherson and Monument Aves, East Atl

(2/7/05) [3344.642N, 8420.520W]

Euharlee Creek Covered Bridge GHS 8-1 at bridge, county road 30, off Ga. 113, Euharlee

(3/18/05) [3408.575N, 8455.901W]

The Army of the Cumberland at

Stilesboro GHM 008-24

Ga 113 at Stilesboro

(4/12/05) [3406'16.9sN, 845503.2sW]

Battle of Kolb's Farm June 22, 1864

GHM 033-11 Powder Springs Rd at

Ga 360 at Mt Zion Church

(3/10/05) [3354.348N, 8436.269W]